Login with Globus

If you want to leave comments on this site, you’ll need to login. But you don’t have to remember a new password!

A lot of people reading this blog are scientists and “university types.” If you have a Google account or a college, university, or research lab account, you can use that account instead of creating a new one for this site. Just click the login link, and you’ll see a page like the one below.

Login with Globus

To use Google, click the “Sign in with Google” button at the bottom of the page. But–and here’s the cool part–if you have an account at a college, university, or research lab, you can start typing the name (I usually type “Chicago” to get to “University of Chicago”) and chances are, Globus knows how to get you logged in.

After you login, you’ll need to agree that it’s ok to share your information with Before the Singularity. Don’t worry: I won’t┬áhave your password or any other information about you besides whatever you allow to be shared. Your password stays with your organization or Google. You can now login to Before the Singularity just by clicking the icon.

If you don’t have an account at a supported organization or with Google, you can register and create a Globus id and password. You’ll need to remember those and enter them each time you login here.